Thursday, November 21, 2019

Youth Engage In Tree Planting In Nyambai Forest


By Hatab Nyang
Many youths were engaged in tree planting in Nyambai Forest last weekend.
This was organised by Bamboo Foundation Gambia in collaboration with KRE recently.
Abbas Barrow, public relation officer for Bamboo Foundation and head of the operation, said they are conducting the exercise to restore the lost bulldozed Bamboo trees.
He emphasised that they have to rehabilitate the area to introduce other varieties of bamboo trees.
He said they need to rehabilitate the area to make bamboo nursery beds, botanical garden, research center, build carpentry workshop to make bamboo into different household uses like chairs, tables, etc.
He said, “when bamboo grows for 5 years you can cut it down, use it for household purposes then plant new ones.”
He said the reason for the low rainfall this year is because of the cutting down of trees without replacing them.
Buba Bojang, head of the plantation section, technical unit, Brikama Forest Department on his part said the tree planting exercise is very important and laudable.
He said the Nyambai Forest where planting exercise took place is facing a very serious threat. He disclosed that an unknown person came and claimed ownership of the area which was a very big surprise to their forest department. He said the area was bulldozed by him without the consent of the forestry department, Brikama.
“When we confronted this estate agent for dialogue about this area, they said they were authorised by the local government ministry to bulldoze the area,” he alleged.
‘It is a very good gesture for Bamboo foundation and some other youths to restore the lost trees. ‘Mr. Bojang lamented.

Kebba Jammeh also from the technical unit, Nyambai forest said tree planting and firefighting is not the work of only the forestry officers. He urged people to be willing to join tree planting exercises. He emphasized that a country without forest is a nation heading to the grave.
Peter Brunner from Germany who is based in Kombo Darsilameh with his NGO trying to teach the local people how to preserve local fruits, said Bamboos are very useful and important in many ways.
He said bamboo is a very good fibre that could be used by the local artisans and farmers as it’s less expensive. He said bamboo is a very good resource for the economy to be used in many things especially in building houses and fences.
Mama Tamba Jammeh from Mama Tamba Jammeh Foundation in Baddibu Illiasa said he’s been invited by the Bamboo Foundation to attend this tree planting exercise.
He advised the people of this country to plant more trees because of the low rainfall and global warming. He said Gambian youths should collaborate and care more about their environment.

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