Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Young Gambian Movie Director To Launch Two Movies



Welcome to another edition of Arts &Culture, the Column that seeks to promote Arts, Music and Culture in the Gambia. In our today’s edition, we feature the current activities of a Young Movie Director and the Freedom Concert.

Modou Lamin Sowe, a second year student at the Gambia College, will launch two movies on the 2nd of March 2019. The movies are entitled: “THE TWIST” and “THE SHADOW OF OUR CULTURE”.

Sowe who currently majors in S.E.S and Arts, is the president of the Brusubi Press and Drama Club. Sowe said on the 22nd of June 2017, he discussed with one Minteh for the production of the two movies to help young Gambian actors and actresses develop their skills; that they established a movie production entity called “YOUNG STARS” Movie Production which was registered at the National Centre for Arts and Culture.

“THE TWIST’’ is a movie that talks about the use of alcohol and the confusion it brings to society; whiles ‘‘THE SHADOW OF OUR CULTURE’’ is centered on bringing back culture and cultural activities that can instil discipline in people; that these two movies will contribute to the behaviour of young people; that most of the young ones do not know much of their culture and the movies will be of great help. The young stars have two other film series of shot during last Ramadan. The two films are “LI CHI KEUR GUI” and “TOBASKI SPECIAL”. Sowe disclosed that the film series were shot using mobile phones because they did not have sponsors.

“We use to have our rehearsals at a school in Brusubi called the GATEWAY” the young Director Lamented. Sowe is resides in Brusubi but has stayed in ‘Chesay Majaw’ since he was young. He started acting at the age of six in primary School. He acted for the Red Cross society and Scout bands at his village. He attended Mingdaw Senior Secondary School. He joined a movie group in 2014 called the “HERO STARS”, and acted three movies entitled “DEVIL ON THE THRONE”, “BROKEN TRUST” and “TWISTED MIND”. Sowe said he inspired himself into acting.

The Young Stars Movie Production consists of only Gambian youth because they want to maintain their culture, despite the difficulties they face as young people. “We have no motivation from society. Parents restricts their children from acting and we do not have sponsors,” he said; that they have sent letters to Companies for sponsorship but they were turned down, because they doubted their abilities. Sowe thanked some Gambians who have been and still assist them achieve their dreams. Touray, Serigne Fallou Mendy, Ousman Dambell and Ya Isha Cham, were named among those who have been assisting them. He call on Gambians to come on board and support young talents at their grand launching at Qcity.

Ndey Sira Sowe an actress and event planner, said she is a promoter in the media and a business woman as well; that she teaches the young about work ethics and will be grateful if young stars are sponsored. “Promoters need to level up Gambia’s movie industry,” she concludes.                   

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