Monday, January 27, 2020

Wuli East Lawmaker Challenges Colleagues to Effectively Execute Their Roles


The National Assembly Member for Wuli East Suwaibou Touray, has tasked his colleagues at the National Assembly to effectively execute their roles if they are to make any positive gains for the country.
Touray said this at the climax of the Third Ordinary Session of the National Assembly.
“We have three major roles to play effectively if we are to make any positive gains for our county and the people. We have oversight and representative roles to play as Lawmakers and the issues raised here are to address the needs and aspirations of our electorate because we cannot and should not keep quiet about them,” he said. He called for clarity on the Baja Kunda Fire Service Project saying that no specific amount of fund is clearly stated for the construction of the said station.
“It is one thing to construct a Fire Service Station and another to have it run to serve the purpose for which it is intended,” he said.
Touray also called for clarity on the issue of the 283 graduating students who were either given awards or degrees as stated in the President’s speech.
“We need clarity on this to know how many students graduated; how many got masters or doctorate degrees? We also need clarity on the cost of investment on the joint venture amidst varying cost ranging between 300,000 and 300 million US$, because that is important as we need to inform our electorate adequately,” he said.
He called on the Interior Minister to ensure the protection of farmers, their produce and livestock by curbing cross border theft in livestock along the border areas. This, he said, can be attained by giving security personnel stationed along borders mobility. He gave the PIU Station in Maca Masrieh in the Wuli East district as particular reference of what is happening at the country’s borders.
“There should be a policy to ensure that wherever a structure or institution is built, the people who will run such institutions and structures should be housed therein for effective service delivery,” he said.
Touray called for price control measures on the price of food commodities to avert the skyrocketing of prices that the people cannot afford.
“This is what the majority depends on. The gross taxation of NGOs should also be addressed to curb a situation where it will fetter on their operations in their target areas,” he concludes

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