Friday, December 13, 2019

Wrestling: Injured Hoyantan makes comeback to beat Jammeh


By Sulayman Bah and Abdoulie Fatty

Honyantan over the weekend continued his unbeaten run, triumphing over adversary Yahya Jammeh.

The Club Ndongo Ceesay juggernaut was left bruised but certainly not battered as he launched a late comeback to down Jammeh in a rematch after the duo’s initial combat ended in a draw in 2015.

A 50-50 rating was accorded to each wrestler going into the battle but both had weaknesses the other could have exploited.

Grappling isn’t Yaya Jammeh’s strongest point but appeared to have shaken off such a notion when he drew Hoyantan in the first meeting. The reverse fixture however left The Police Force mammoth combatant exposed.

Jammeh started off on a strong note launching an all-out onslaught on a retreating Honyantan who, after four minutes of heated exchanged of blows, was left cowered, gasping for air and requiring doctors’ attention.

Continuation of the jabs would have worked for Jammeh when action resumed but he, against all expectations, chose to grapple, giving Honyantan the chance he so desired.

Jammeh even attempted to tuck his right foot between his opponent’s legs in a failed bid at wrestling Hoyantan down. His weight failed him on the occasion, and Hoyantan succeeded doing what Jammeh initially attempted, expertly pinning him down and tucking his right foot behind who went falling on his back amid cacophonous celebrations.

Winner of the fight (Honyantan) scooped a plot of land staked for the combat by Gam Housing Real Estate.

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