Tuesday, November 19, 2019



By Sulayman Bah
A renowned wrestling analyst is of the conviction Gambia star Kunta Kinteh can do the unthinkable against Senegalese wrestler Oussin Dolleh.
Ebrima Suwareh, a keen follower of twists and turns of Gambian wrestling from the days of its resurrection, is convinced Kunta can catch Oussin Dolleh off guard but urges the Club Roots’ big gun to exercise circumspection.
‘Why not? He can emerge victorious of course that is the reason why supporters are rallying behind. Oussin Dolleh is a revered figure personality where it concerns conventional wrestling (mbapath) but struggles when it comes to Borreh Dorr (fist-fighting),” Suwareh, who’s also one of those making arrangements for Gambian fans to witness the much-talked about duel in Dakar says.
‘Kunta is a big star in Gambia and fought Kartuss of Senegal, losing only on medical decision in 2012. Hopes are high and he can do the unthinkable,’ he continued.
On logistics, Suwareh says plans are being made for the traveling contingent to leave today evening, arriving in Dakar in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
‘Reliance Financial Services has been brilliant in all these undertakings. Our fans going there will help market Gambian wrestlers there and Senegalese promoter would be enticed that way to consider investing in Gambian wrestling by staging combats between Gambian and Senegalese wrestlers. So it’s truly paramount’
The Gambian contingent is expected to attend Senegal’s Independence Day Celebration slated for April 4th where President Adama Barrow is guest of honour before witnessing Kunta battle Oussin Dolleh later in the evening at the Stadium.
This is not the first time the Gambian is battling a Senegalese opponent after he squared Karrtus before biting the dust on medical decision in 2012.
Oussin and Kunta are fighting to claim the staked prize flag dubbed the Senegambia Flag named after president Barrow and Macky Sall.
The two wrestlers have had met face-to-face first in Senegal and in Gambia last month.

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