Saturday, December 14, 2019

Will Those Who Voluntarily Testified At The TRRC Be Dragged To The High Court To Testify?



The TRRC has been attracting voluntary testimonies which have revealed a wealth of evidence that would enable the commission to know what happened in the past in order to make recommendations to prevent recurrence.

Even though murder may be forgiven but not forgotten we must still admit that we are unearthing the skeletons in the cupboard of the past. We are coming to it the third decade after some occurrences. Some of the perpetrators are no longer alive after falling victim to the same actions they committed. Some have fallen out with the government long ago. Jammeh even released many people who have committed of murder and political prisoners before the end of his tenure.

The TRRC must be contextualized and the outcome of its deliberation should not fan vengeance. Gambia needs a new start.

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