Saturday, October 19, 2019

Will There Be A New Wave Of Asylum Seekers Following Recent Arrests?



When a demonstration goes beyond the bounds of legality it becomes uncontrollable; it becomes a civil disobedience. This often results in unpremeditated destruction of public property as people take advantage of the breakdown of law and order. When such a situation arises, a mature government would not try to apportion blame to a few for acts caused by the breakdown of law and order. What it tries to do is to prevent recurrence. Should a government try to make a few as scape goats for the actions of the many?

Many of those whose pictures are in the videos are likely to use those same videos to seek for asylum. Hence a new wave of asylum seeking will begin. The Barrow administration will also begin to have its own political refugees. Would it want to leave such a legacy? The government should give a second thought to any prosecution associated with the civil disobedience in the Kanifing Municipality.

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