Friday, September 20, 2019

Will The Supreme Court Uphold Any Conviction On Sedition Charges Not Related To The Presidency?



Judicial precedence is very significant in framing charges against suspects. All prosecuting agents should be alert to judicial precedence before they frame charges.

The law is more than just what is written in black and white. How the Supreme Court interprets what is written in black and white is the final phase of the law. The Gambia is going through transition after the 2 December 2016 change of heart. It is important for the Gambian people to know that when change occurs there will be beneficiaries and the deprived. Those deprived will have to adjust to their deprivation and the beneficiaries will have to be magnanimous to promote tolerance, peace and stability.

Arrogance on either side could only inflame relations and make life more difficult for each. No one can be at peace by promoting hostility against one’s political opponent peace could only be cultivated by repenting when one does wrong and forgiving when one is wronged.

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