Saturday, October 19, 2019

Will Boy-Balla rise to the billing against Senegal’s Diop this weekend?


By Sulayman Bah

Gambian wrestler Boy-Balla will be put to the test again this weekend three years following his defeat to Senegal’s Mbaye Mandiaye.

Staged at the Independence Stadium, this time the venue will be the Serrekunda East on Sunday and his opponent is yet another Senegalese.

He has morphed into that fearsome lad in the arena after dusting himself off and marching on since his lost to Bakau-based ‘Rambo’ on appeal.

His record this season has been something impressive having added two more victories under his belt first beginning with Flex and the second only two months ago against Banjul Sanku Ham Ham’s Tapha Tine.

However, the aforesaid names are no Ousmane Diop of Charoi Ecree and so the pressure and expectations will be turned on the Club Jabang Mbolloh’s star again as he aims to survive this latest hurdle and before his very own home fans.

Not much is known about Diop, making it all a puzzle for Boy-Ball to sort out.

Will he rise to the occasion on Sunday? Only time will tell.

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