Sunday, January 19, 2020

Why The Sudden Increase In The Price Of Bread?



Many families woke up yesterday morning only to find out that they cannot buy ‘modern bakery’ (‘senfour’) bread or have to spend D8 instead of D7 for a loaf.

Some vendors also decided to increase the price of their sandwiches from D25 to D30 each (an increase of 20 percent).

In early November 2018 the price of bread increased from D6 to D7. Now it has increased from D7 to D8. This constitutes a total increase of D2 from D6 or 33% within 6 months, which is a heavy burden on the people.

Foroyaa will be talking to all stakeholders to find out what has led to the sudden increase in the price of bread and what the government intends to do to ease the burden of the people.

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