Friday, February 28, 2020

Why Is The Old Style Of Arrest Continuing When Truth And Reconciliation Commission Is Envisaged?



One would have thought that the criticisms levied against the previous regime of arresting people at odd hours would be a thing of the past. Foroyaa is investigating cases of arrests taking place at odd hours. Many Gambians assume that the current government will concentrate on taking suspects before truth and reconciliation commissions for alleged human rights violation and offer general amnesty to those in the Diaspora who fear coming back home.

During his speech in Soma the president said the following:

“…during my recent visit to Rwanda, where millions of people were murdered, it will be difficult for anyone to believe what they have established about the genocide, forgave each other and move on to build their country. We can do more if we focus on being One Gambia and One People.”

These words should be backed with deeds. Practice will tell. Foroyaa is monitoring.

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