Monday, November 18, 2019

Why Have Most Commentators Separated Ex-President Jawara As A Person From The Party That Led The Gambia For 31 Years?



The answer is simple. His achievement as a person in using education as an instrument for upliftment in social status provided the basis for him to be invited to lead a party who championed the course of rural mass and thus led him to become the premier, prime minister and the president of the Gambia.
In that regard he deserves to be remembered. However, this record should not be confused with the performance of the PPP which is bigger than him in government. This would require separate analyses for the young to know the truth. All those who know the truth should not distort it. That would not be a sign of honesty.
The right lessons would also not be drawn for posterity. Hence it would be fair for the young people to invite the ministers who served his government and members of the opposition parties during his era such as the UP/NCP Alliance, GPP, PDOIS and PDP to conduct debates on the merits and deficits of the PPP era. Those young people who draw conclusion without evidence would not learn from the past to be able to shape the future. That is counterproductive.

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