Monday, March 30, 2020

Who Ordered The Destruction Of The Tables At The Serrekunda Market?


Everybody in the Serrekunda market is a duty payer. Tables cost money. There should be no destruction of property without the authority of law. It is important for the new council to settle down and create committees to look into the operation and management of markets, garages and so on and so forth.

Confrontation is not the answer. Dialogue is the answer. People are trying to survive. Efforts must be made to examine the conditions available and proper plans made to develop the proper conditions for the sale of goods. Markets are the backbone of the survival of the people in any organic setting. They require proper attention and planning.

Foroyaa will seek an interview with the new mayor, market master, the police and the vendors to find out what is responsible for Tuesday’s tension and what is being done to address the challenges.

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