Thursday, January 23, 2020



One would have expected the government to do something or say something as the EU Parliamentarians and US government either threatened or imposed sanctions on government officials.

Are the writings on the wall still unclear to the government? Is this not time to respect and uphold the laws of the land and adhere to the principles and practices of good governance. The sovereignty of nations could only be safeguarded by adhering to the rule of law and demonstrate respect for human rights.

The detentions without trial are still ongoing. The courts are yet to show that they are powerful enough to stop it. A test case involving Imam Sawaneh has proven that point. This is called impunity by all standards.

Government needs to assign the Attorney General to review all these cases and give advice to government on what to do to show remorse and provide redress for human rights violation. The exercise of prerogative to release prisoners who are incarcerated for politically motivated actions such as the UDP leaders and members is the best way to address the immediate concerns of the citizenry.

It is hoped that the state will appoint a spokesperson who could be contacted to clarify burning issues.


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