Saturday, September 21, 2019

Who Is Responsible For Issuing Of Diplomatic Passports And To Whom?



Foroyaa has started making an inquiry into the rules on issuing diplomatic passports. By its very nature, diplomatic passport is a privilege. It is distinguished from service and ordinary passports. In general terms diplomatic missions and their premises in foreign countries are protected by laws governing diplomatic privileges. Diplomats and their families, are often issued with diplomatic passports to safeguard their privileges.

The executive in many countries is responsible for the conduct of diplomatic relations and often exercise the privilege of appointing members of diplomatic missions withstanding rules, protocols or customary practices for the issuing of diplomatic passports. Some governments do extend the issue of passports to key stakeholders of the state such as ministers, judges and parliamentarians and so on.

We will find out what the rules or customs are for the issuing of diplomatic passports. However, in a new dispensation transparency and accountability do not cause embarrassment. They only serve as tools to censor the behaviour of an official in a position of public trust. Any mistaken action could easily be remedied by withdrawing any steps taken to go back to the status quo with public apology if any mistake is proven. When a mistake is persisted on it would no longer be seen as mistake but as impunity. That is what should serve as a cause of embarrassment.

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The Diplomatic Passport Saga