Tuesday, April 7, 2020

‘Who burned my husband’s feet?’ -wife of admitted soldier demands for answers


By Mustapha Jallow

Mrs. Sunkaru Jarju, wife of LCpl Samboujang Bojang of the Gambia Armed Forces, said the situation of her husband, who is currently detained at the Intelligence headquarters in Banjul on Monday, 31 July 2017, is getting worst.

‘‘Who burned my husband’s feet and why is he being admitted and hospitalized up to now?” Sunkaru Jarju, wife of the admitted soldier retorted. Sunkaru said when her husband was detained at the Barracks, he was a normal human being who did not complain of any pain on his body. But that since he was taken to the State Intelligence Services (NIA), he has been bleeding, and has marks or bruises over his body and on his hands; that still now, he cannot walk properly.

Sunkaru said her husband is very weak, since being admitted on his hospital bed at the military clinic in Fajara.

She remarked, ‘‘My husband is complaining of pain over all his body especially his feet.” She says he lacks appetite. She complained that she is the only family member allowed to see him and when she did their conversation lasted for only 5 minutes when the Military Police asked her to leave.

Sunkaru continued: ‘‘Since his return from the Intelligence headquarters, I have been visiting him regularly and supporting him until on Wednesday, when the military who are currently guarding him, told me nowadays they will allow me to see my husband for only 5 minutes.’’

Sunkaru calls on the authorities to investigate how the pain his husband is going through leading to his admission came about. She also decried the long detention of her husband saying it is causing psychological trauma on their only child; that if her husband has committed any offence, let the authorities bring him before a court, rather than subjecting him to what he is undergoing now.

According to reliable sources, Lance Corporal Samboujang Bojang is being held on allegation of being part of a ‘WhatsApp’ group and helping one Staff Sergeant who was one time detained by the Military Police, to escape and flee the country.

Sources add that that on Monday 31 July, while under detention at the Barracks, he was picked up and escorted to the SIS (NIA) where he remained until the Military Police came for him and admitted him at the military clinic in Fajara, where he is currently receiving treatment.

LCpl Bojang is staying at the Fajara Camp with his wife and one kid and is the only breadwinner of his young family.

However, at the time of going to press, Major Lamin K. Sanyang the GAF spokesperson was contacted to shed light on the matter and this was what he said: ”All that I know is, there’s an investigation going on regarding this issue and that’s what we can say for now.”

Asked the reason why Bojang was hospitalized with bruises on his hands and feet, PRO Sanyang responded: ”You know you people ask questions that are very interesting sometimes. Do we admit people without illness? Just give me time because I’ve to verify that anyway as I’m not aware of his admission at the clinic.” He said that the detained soldiers are being investigated and once they are done with the investigations, they will come out with the information. He also promised to respond to LCpl Bojang’s bruises and hospitalizing at the military clinic today.

The State Intelligence headquarters was also contacted, but the phone kept ringing and there was no response.

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