Thursday, November 14, 2019

When Will Young Victims Needing Treatment Abroad Be Considered?



Passports have been sought, medical papers assembled and hope rekindled that after the horrendous testimonies of neglect and disappointment the new dispensation would give a human face to the justice system by offering them air ticket to go to Turkey to receive treatment at no cost to the state. We hope that before we come up with our next publication, the Victims Centre would be able to work out the appropriate response with the TRRC so that the appropriate response will be sought from the government to ensure that these neglected youths who were children when they were injured would not continue to become neglected middle aged citizens.

That would be a mockery of the whole exercise of establishing a truth, reconciliation and reparation. All the victims should be at the centre of the healing process. Knowing the truth is one thing and healing is an entirely different thing. However, it should be recognised that there can be no reconciliation without healing. The purpose of reparation is merely to contribute to the healing process. The focus therefore should be on healing after so much truth is now evident.

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