Saturday, February 29, 2020

“When will work on ‘Coastal Road’ be ready?” Ask road users


By Mamour M.Mbenga

Drivers plying the route called the ‘coastal road’ and the residents in the adjoining settlements of Wellingara, the Sinchus and Old Yundum are asking when the reconstruction work on the road will be completed and whether it will be before the start of the rains in few months’ time.

The work, according to them, is seemingly at a standstill at the present moment and that they do not know what is responsible.

These questions were raised when this reporter visited the car park and met with the drivers who ply the road as well as some commuters who are residing in the settlements which are served by the said road. They were complaining about the slow pace of the reconstruction work on the coastal road stretch.

Muhammed Lamin, one of the commercial van drivers, said the work stops after the laying of laterite which generates dust and pollute the environment.

“I have been driving a commercial vehicle on this road for fifteen years but it is in such a worst state now that some drivers are even refusing to use it,” he said.

Bubacarr Drammeh, another commercial van driver, confirmed that he used to ply the Coastal Road but has now diverted to the Lamin route in order to save his vehicle from constant damage and repairs as a result of using it.

Another problem created by the poor road condition is the delay it causes to drivers who cautiously negotiate their way using diversions transporting passengers to reach their respective destinations.

Isatou Jobe, a student who resides in Old Yundum but commutes to school, is also complaining about the delay on the road due to the diversions that the commercial vehicles make in order to avoid the potholes, ditches and dust.

Mr. Malick Mbye, head of the car park, said they are facing a lot of challenges and notable among which is the road which is yet to be completed.

He said they are appealing to government to ensure the completion of the road before the rains begin, as it will be very difficult and costly for vehicles to ply an unfinished and muddy road.



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