Sunday, September 22, 2019

When Will The National Development Plan Be Ready?


In delivering the budget speech, the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs made reference to the National Development Plan, indicating that the Plan (NDP 2018 – 2021), identifies the highest priority development expenditures to help achieve sustained high growth and improved lives for our citizens. Our enquiries from the Ministry of Finance are that the plan is not ready yet.

What is the plan, to handle the debt burden of 57 billion dalasi? To maintain sustained growth? To create employment especially for the youth? To facilitate the provision of markets, seeds, fertiliser, storage facilities and a good road network for the horticultural sector? To revamp a power sector that has broken down? And so on and so forth?

It will soon be one year since the take over and the earlier copies are provided to the press for public information and discussion, the better.

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