Saturday, December 7, 2019

When Will Barrow Serve For Three Years? Not December, Anyway



President Barrow assumed office on 19th January 2017. He will serve three years by the morning of 19th January 2020.

It is therefore strange that rumours are rife that people would try to oust him by force in December. Foroyaa is yet to come across any group aiming to promote his forceful removal in December.

Foroyaa will however publish its interview with a purported leader of the organisation referred to as “three years jotna” to find out whether they are associated with any political party or have any political agenda for the forceful removal of President Barrow in December 2019.

Barrow’s three year term would have come to an end in January 2020 but has instead opted for a five year term which ends in January 2022.

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