Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What is the status of the “#GambiaHasDecided” T-Shirts?


Confusing information has reached Foroyaa regarding the staus of the “#GambiaHasDecided” T-shirts. A number of people were arrested in connection with the T-shirts but are now released. The instructions given to them regarding the T-shirts is still unclear.

What is wrong with the T-shirt? What is wrong with slogan? Which authority feels threatened by the slogan? Foroyaa will contact the PRO of the police and the NIA to find out why people have been arrested and released for wearing and selling T-shirts with the slogan “#GambiaHasDecided”.

Any Gambian has freedom to wear a T-shirt with a slogan of one’s choice as long as the slogan is not calling for anything illegal. To arrest people for something that is not illegal is impunity of the highest type.

Foroyaa will therefore monitor the developments regarding the T-shirts and update concerned persons on the developments.

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