Thursday, April 2, 2020

What is the road to normal political contest in the Gambia?


The Coalition agreement aimed to eliminate the power of incumbency in Gambian politics and thus create a level ground for multiparty contest in two ways. First and foremost, the president would not have served a full term and would have neither participated nor given support to any candidate in the Presidential election that would have followed any resignation.

The decision of the President to ignore the Coalition agreement and even establish his own party changed the political environment requiring the political parties in particular and the voters, at large to go back to the drawing board since there was no legal way of removing a President from office before the end of his term of five years, for failing to adhere to a coalition agreement.

Since the three years have elapsed and there is no case filed at the Supreme Court for an order to vacate office by virtue of failing to adhere to a coalition agreement, political parties and voters should go to the drawing board to decide how politics is to be conducted in the Gambia in the next two years or so. Foroyaa will sound the views of the citizens.

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