Monday, February 24, 2020

What Further Events Does The Month Of Demonstration Hold?



January is the month when President Barrow assumed office in 2017. However 19th January is an ordinary day in The Gambia. What have not been ordinary this month are the demonstrations which have taken place and are about to take place as we come to the end of the month.

The Victim Center is to hold a demonstration on the 25th of January. They will start at West Field and end at Alliance Francaise. Foroyaa will monitor their demand.

On the other, ‘three years jotna’ will also be having a second attempt to make a point. Foroyaa will also be monitoring their demands.

All these demonstrations attest to one fact that should be borne in mind by all Gambians, that is, power belongs to the people who must exercise it to show that truth and peace prevail. Those entrusted with power must also ensure that it is exercised to protect and promote the rights and general welfare of the people.

In the month of January, history will record that the executive is the custodian of authority.

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