Wednesday, January 29, 2020

What does Ousman Koro Ceesay’s family have to tell the nation?



A young medical doctor by the name of Dr Naffie Ceesay informed that their family will never be disappointed by any conclusion reached by the TRRC because they have no expectations that could be betrayed. In short, Dr Naffie Ceesay is teaching the nation that disappointment comes from betrayed or unrealised expectations. According to her, they expect the truth to come out and repentance and forgiveness to follow.

They have chosen to pray for God to have mercy on those who did not have mercy for their brother; that the family has turned a page by creating a foundation in his name so that his mission of service to others will continue.

This is indeed the lesson that truly represents magnanimity in the face of torment. All those who emulate such virtue cannot ever be defeated by adversity. One would always live, have no enemies or be conquered by hate or vengeance. The family needs the fullest solidarity in their right approach to fighting adversity or grief.

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