Sunday, January 19, 2020

What Did The President Intend To Convey In His New Year?



The president was expected to deal with three pressing national issues. The key issue is his mandate. The second issue is the unity of the nation. The third issue is incumbency.

Fundamentally, the Coalition Agreement sought to give a three year mandate without the right to participate in subsequent elections to put an end to the abuse of incumbency. The president has made it crystal clear that he would not abide by the three year mandate.

However he has not said how his government intends to engage the political parties in the country to prevent the abuse of incumbency and prepare for free and fair election that would give rise to the undiluted choice of the people. He needs to address the nation on this matter.

Furthermore, the issue of national unity is very significant. The debate on the Constitution has created hostile camps which must be contained and reconciled if the nation is not to be torn apart. He did not say how the executive would promote national dialogue to handle such a matter, especially the explosive issue of secularity.

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