Friday, January 24, 2020

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Magnificent Joe, calls for Gambian music to be professionalize

Magnificent Joe, a reggae Dancehall artist, calls for the professionalization of Gambian Music.

The Raggea Danche Hall Artist pointed out that Artists and promoters look for the quantity of fans they can have and not the quality music to be produced. He said this is not providing the positive output expected in the country’s music.

“The Music production is not going professionally as the rules of a professional music industry demand,” Joe pointed out.

The reggae dancehall artist said Gambian music is based on opinions and not realistic minded individuals because people claim to be heads of the industry and mislead most upcoming talents

In addressing these issues, Joe said proper music administration and a music industry office, should be set up to run the affairs of all talented and well known musicians; that the said office must be separated from the NCAC. Joe also pointed out that there are no totality rights or proper laws, governing the wellbeing of artists in the country.

He said all we see is foreign promotion and domination of foreign music on our own Gambian music, which goes to fill the pockets of event organizers.

In highlighting the challenges, the Reggae Dancehall Artist noted that they are too many but will mention few.

“The Music Industry lacks the proper requisite platform for musicians to nurture their Talents,” Magnificent Joe, underscored.

Dilating on the Challenges, Joe said the promoters also need a proper training and the requisite materials / equipment, to be able to make a good product.

He said music promoters and journalists, need to be enhanced with capacity building in their various domains.

“We Need reforms, thorough reforms in the music sector, with proper policies, laws and regulations,” he opined.

He further said the copyright laws should also be revisited to be able to promote and protect music properties adding that government should set up a copyright law office.

The Regggae Dancehall Artist said he won the National Chart Buster in 2009 with the national GSM operator, which promises to provide sponsorship for the winner’s debut album. Joe underscored that none of those promises were fulfilled and he is seeking for redress.

Magnificeint Joe was groomed in a Christian community and attended Christian schools. Joe hails from the island of Janjangbureh and completed his senior secondary school at Armitage from where he proceeded to a higher institution, to study law. MAGNIFICENT JOE, was fondly called ‘singing sense,’ due to his conscious lyrics and sweet melody voice on all songs. He became the first Gambian musician to win a national award called the CHART BURSTER in 2009. Since then, the star has kept his good vibes to date. As I speak to him he is working on three albums, which should be out in December.

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