Friday, January 17, 2020

‘We Have Nothing to Lose,’ Tallinding Gaffer


By Abdoulie Fatty

Tallinding United have got nothing to waste says coach Sanna Darboe.

Sanna’s remarks followed a boring goalless affair between them and former league champions Wallidan.

The Buffer Zone Boys were pinned to the back but recuperated to turn the heat on the visitors in the second period.

‘My first half wasn’t good because Wallidan dominated the possession. So in the second half, we effected tactical changes to bring Sanna Jabang who can keep the ball and the players did well in the second half but their goalkeeper stood his ground,’ he says.

‘Our next game is against the league newcomers but we are not going to underrate them. I call on the people of Tallinding community to support the players and we will do the rest. Is a marathon league we have nothing to lose,’ he explains.
Pictorial of Wallidan vs Tallinding United

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