Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Was Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay Put In Cell After Presenting Herself To The Police?



This paper has been reliably informed that the former Speaker of the National Assembly, Fatourmata Jahumpa Ceesay voluntarily reported at the Kairaba Police Station after returning from Nigeria to enquire whether there was any case against her. She is reported to have been put in cell and taken to court and granted court bail.

Is it the practice to put a woman who has reported on her own accord to the police station in cell? If this is not the practice, then the Minister of the Interior and the Inspector General of Police should investigate.

In our own view, a person who presents himself or herself to the police station on his or her own volition deserves police bail and should be asked to return at an appointed time. That is the type of the new Gambia Foroyaa wants to see.

What about you? Are you on the same plane or do we live in a divided Gambia where some prefer regime change and others system change? Where do you stand, the same Gambia for only a few or a better Gambia for all of us?

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