Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Wait over naming of NC members enters week 2


By Sulayman BahThe long wait over the naming and unveiling of members of the Omar SeyNormalisation Committee has entered its second week amid anxiousness.The Gambia Football Federation under the leadership of President Mustapha Kebbeh was dissolved by World football governing body, FIFA two weeks ago for what it calls stakeholders’ lack of trust and confidence in the current set up.The Swiss headquartered body, acting on exceptional powers, decided to appoint a five-member normalization committee to steer the affairs of the GFF leading to fresh presidential elections.It was expected last week the full list of the NC membership will be disclosed and inaugurated. However, such hasn’t been the case till at the time of going to press.Meanwhile a group comprising league and aligned clubs and regional associations who prefers to be called stakeholders, has written a strong four-page protest letter, backed by arguments, demanding the GFF be re-installed.FIFA is yet to reply or meet the group’s demands.]]>

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