Monday, February 24, 2020

‘Victim’s Center’ March In Demand For Justice From Government


By Yankuba Jallow / Louise Jobe 

Members of the Victims’ Center including family members and loved ones, held a protest march 17th April 2018, on Independence Drive in Banjul, demanding urgent action regarding their plight, from the Government of the Gambia.

The protest march started from the roundabout of the Gambia Senior School, to the premises of the Banjul High Court.

The protesters displayed banners bearing some of their demands, with the photos of some who have disappeared without trace. The victims and their families demanded that Government stand for them and their families; that since last year when some of the bodies of the disappeared were exhumed, nothing serious has happened and they do not know why.

Speaking on behalf of the victims, Zainab Lowe said the purpose of the protest march was for Government to throw light on what is happening after exhuming the bodies of some of their loved ones; that the families of these departed souls want to know what the intention of Government is; that there is urgent need for the exhumed bodies to be returned to their families, so that they can be given a decent burial.

Mami Ceesay, a mother of two of the victims, made similar remarks; that they will never relent in their quest for justice to their loved ones.

The protest march which was done in the absence of a Police permit as required by the Public Order Act, was allowed to proceed with the protesters not using public address system.

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