Sunday, September 15, 2019

Victim of Communal Clash Laid To Rest


By Hatab Nyang

Buba Jammeh from Gunjur was shot and killed in a communal clash between Gunjur and Berending, has been laid to rest on 19th March, 2019 at the Gunjur Cemetery.

The assailant who is alleged to have shot and killed the deceased, one Buba Drammeh from Berending is still at large. The police have issued a press release soliciting the cooperation of the public in providing any useful information regarding his whereabouts.

Order has been restored and troops are still guarding installations and patrolling the streets in these communities. But the situation is still tense. Anger and frustration still prevail and the feeling of retaliation if the government ‘does not do any justice’ by some in Gunjur is still nurtured.

Gunjur Junior and Senior Secondary School has one teacher who is from Berending and 9 students who are all not coming to school which has been confirmed by the principal and vice principal Mr. Jobe and Mr. Jatta respectively.

At the border at Kartong many people from Berending have been crossing the border to Casamance for fear of arrest and maybe vengeance from Gunjur.

In their press release, the police have implored the people of Gunjur and Berending to exercise calm and restraint while thorough investigations are conducted.

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