Monday, September 16, 2019

Uncertainty Grips Boxing Association As Congress Differed


By Sulayman Bah

Gambia Amateur Boxing Association (GBA) congress has been differed with a new date yet to be named as uncertainty hovers amid power struggle.

Pa Alieu Jallow –incumbent president – is vying with Sabou Conteh for the association’s hot-seat.

The furore began last year July when seven aggrieved boxing clubs went ahead to call for an extraordinary congress at the Kairaba Beach Hotel electing Sambou Conteh unopposed as president.

Conteh, the protesting clubs said, will be incumbent Pa Alieu Jallow’s replacement whom they accused for what they called the ‘sport’s snail-pace’ progress in the country.

Hours after news of his alleged replacement filtered out, Jallow denied being impeached, insisting he’s still boss of the association.

The NSC, believed to have been invited to witness the Kairaba congress but did not show up, reacted, refusing to recognise Conteh as the organisation’s new top dog.

The situation triggered a division with delegates, including some notable national boxers, split over the two leaderships as the chaos raged on.

A congress was expected to take place last Sunday on the orders of the National Sports Council.

However, some delegates intimate to Foroyaa Sport that they’re yet to be written by the council or the current boxing president about going to the polls.

The saga has left uncertainty hovering.

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