Monday, February 17, 2020

UN Resident Coordinator Urges Ministers to Maintain Unity, Strength


Madam Ade Mamonyane Lekoetje, the United Nations Resident Cd strength in order to be able to achieve the positive change that will bring hope, reconciliation, cohesion and sustainable development for the country. Madam Ade
Mamonyane Lekoetje was addressing cabinet ministers and top public officers at the closing of the recently held retreat at a local hotel in Brufut, on Sunday May 7th 2017. oordinator in the Gambia has urged cabinet ministernd maturity that made the Gambia the hope and pride for Africa. “My hope from this retreat is that you will draw an inner strength of unity that brought you together as a Coalition to end 22 years of adversity so as to achieve what you promised to the Gambia people, and this should be the positive change that will bring about hope, reconciliation, cohesion, and justice for human rights and sustainable development,” said Lekoetje.

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Muhammed Ibn Chambas, United Nation Special Envoy for West Africa on his part said the 3-day retreat was exceptionally great and also expressed the hope that all the participants will draw big lessons from it. He said the lessons

She said during the political impasse, the who and experiences that have been shared and learnt from the retreat will assure generations and help move the nation forward.

“I have been particularly impressed by the enthusiasm and resolve consistently demonstrated throughout this team bonding exercise and urge you to continue on the path of consistence building of such discussions in a friendly atmosphere, in your commitments to serve this nation,’’Mr. Chambas said.

Speaking earlier, Madam Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang who presided over the closing of the retreat, said the Gambian people have decided and they have provided victory for both the presidential and parliamentary elections. She said as things stand, the country has now moved from politics to governance and referred to president Barrow as ‘father of the nation and not father of a coalition’.

She noted, “I stand here on behalf of president Adama Barrow to renew our commitment to the Gambian people and we took it as a responsibility to facilitate the harmonization of our thinking and priorities that we will implement together with other stakeholders.”

“We are committed to the people and by the people by doing our best towards our civic engagements and we want to bring everybody on board in order to succeed in thought and action in the commitments we have made to them,” said Tambajang.

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