Wednesday, February 26, 2020

UK Doctors Provide Free Vascular Surgery to EFSTH



Two UK doctors, accompanied by a team of medics from the Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital in the United Kingdom, provided free vascular access surgery (fistula) to Patients with kidney problems, at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

This was disclosed by Mrs Sailey Fladrud, founder of the Ida Bass Kidney Foundation, during an interview with her recently. Mrs. Bass said she travelled to The Gambia on the 10th May 2017 with a team of medics from Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital, to provide free vascular access surgery (fistula) to kidney patients in the Gambia.

“The team, comprising two Transplant Surgeons, a Vascular Scientist and Renal Vascular Access Nurse Specialist, were in The Gambia for 7 days,” She disclosed.

The Founder of the UK Gambian Kidney foundation said during the visit of the UK doctors, they operated on several patients, and all was successful.

She also added that the team provided valuable training to the surgical team and renal nurses at EFSTH.

Mrs. Flasrud, on behalf of the team, expressed pleasure in working with everyone involved in the vascular access project, and thanked the surgical team of the hospital for all their assistance and support, in ensuring that everything progressed smoothly.

“They were pleased for the opportunity given to them, to contribute to the health service of The Gambia, especially, kidney care services,” she said. She hopes that the two doctors will remain in touch, and return to The Gambia in the near future, to continue their support.


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