Monday, January 27, 2020

Two Years On, Death of Haruna Jatta still unkown


By Mustapha Jallow

Abbas Jatta, brother of the late Haruna Jatta of Kanilai, has said that their family are yet to receive any information from the authorities about the death of their relative.

He was speaking on Friday 7th June 2019 in Kanilai, where family members, friends, village elders and neighbours offered prayers and recited the Qur’an to commemorate the second anniversary of his demise, which occurred on 3rd June 2017.

At the second year prayer and thanksgiving for Haruna Jatta

“I am not happy with the death of my brother. I have heard of other unfortunate deaths and the authorities have investigated those incidents. However, the circumstances surrounding the cold-blooded murder of our loved one is still unknown?”

These were the words of Abbas Jatta. Abbas expressed his discomfort over the silence maintained by the authorities on the killing of his brother.

The Alkalo of Kanilai, Ebou Jammeh, said the incident was unfortunate and their hearts are still heavy.

The widow, Rohey Jatta who could not speak much to the press because of a heavy heart, recalled the death of her husband.

Almameh Gibba, a youth activist and Secretary General of Foni Youth Development Association (FYDA), said it is two years and Government is still silent on the killing of Haruna Jatta.

Gibba said,“It is unfortunate and sad that the wife of the Late Haruna is still in tears. This is now two years since Jatta was shot and murdered in cold blood by members of the ECOMIG and nothing has come out of it up to now. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to support his family as an association,” he said.

According to Gibba, since the incident took place, no Government official had ever visited the Alkalo of the village to show concern and give their condolence to the bereaved family of the late Haruna.

He said the entire Jatta family is ready to call on the international community to push the matter up with the Gambian authorities, to ensure that justice is served on the killing of Haruna Jatta.

“Up to date, the government has neither sent a message or someone to speak to the family. This shows us that the family of the late Haruna Jatta has been sidelined. Politics comes and goes, but humanity remains. We want them to serve us as human beings, and to serve us as part of the people of The Gambia,” he remarked.

He strongly denied any allegation that Foni is a rebel zone; noting that the region of Foni is settled by citizens of The Gambia.

Sheikh Assan Jallow, the Imam of Kanilai expressed his displeasure with the manner which the Government is handling Haruna Jatta’s killing and urged the authorities to support the family of late Haruna Jatta particularly his 8-year-old son.

At the end of the gathering, the family of the late Haruna Jatta received a donation of food items and School materials from FYDA.

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