Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Two Years After The Impasse


This period in 2017 was marked by tremendous uncertainty. Many people had left the country for fear of war breaking out. The streets were occupied by armed soldiers. The top of buildings were fortified. Thousands also left the urban area to go to the villages. The Gambia was heading towards war.

This year however political parties spent the whole month of December to hold congresses and prepare their plans for participation in the political dispensation of the country. The Gambia averted war and consolidated the peace that exists today. It is important for the Gambian people to take stock and prepare the ground for 2019.

2018 did not bring us the new Gambia we want. Many people including some in the government, the legislature, the judiciary, the public service, the security forces and the state organs in general, have been found to be wanting in doing their best to build a new Gambia that is inclusive. Consequently fracas did occur in a number of domains, thus undermining trust and confidence.

It is important not only to focus on the impunity of the past but to also accept the wrong doings since the new government assumed office and vows be made not to repeat it. The past could only be made reference of in a justifiable manner if the present does not repeat its mistakes. Those who carried out injustices in the past could only repent with sincerity if they find themselves living in a society which is better than the one they presided over. In this New Year, The Gambia and the Gambian people deserve to be served in the manner that would enhance liberty, dignity and prosperity. Foroyaa will accompany The Gambia and the Gambians through 2019 in their quest for a new Gambia.

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