Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Two Hydara Brothers still detained at NIA


Mamour M. MbengaHatabu Hydara and Muhammed Fadel Hydara, alias Koto Amphal, the two brothers, who were arrested on 9 July Atabu Hydara   Muhammed Fadel Hydaraand detained at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) head office in Banjul, are still held for eight days (today).A family source informed this reporter that they are now allowed access to the two Hydara brothers after 5 days of incommunicado detention.The source added that the cause of the arrest of the two siblings is still not known to the family.The source said the family is appealing for the release of the two before the Muslim Idul Fitr or ‘Koriteh’ feast.This reporter was also informed that the vehicles of Hatab are taken to the NIA head office.It was earlier reported that Hatabu and Muhammed Fadel were picked up at different times on Thursday, 9 July 2015, by security agents at their residence at Sheriff Kunda on Jang Jang Road in London Corner, Serekunda, and whisked away in a tinted four wheel vehicle, according to a close family source.Muhammed Fadel, the elder brother who is said to be a marabout, was picked up by the security agents in the morning around 8 O Clock. The younger brother, Hatabu, who is the CEO of an Islamic charity organization, was whisked away around 2pm.When this reporter visited the office of the Islamic charity organization at Latri Kunda German, he was told by the workers there that their Ramadan related activities, such as providing food and materials to the needy, are still on hold due to the arrest and detention of Hatabu, the organisation’s head.]]>

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