Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tujereng Village launches Pilot Project on Waste Management


By Makutu Manneh

Tujereng Village on Saturday 5th October, 2019 launched a pilot project called “Tujereng Jambandoo” to convert organic waste to resources fertilizer.

‘Jambandoo’ is a Mandinka word meaning Manure\Fertilizer.

The project is initiated by a subtext called Mbolo association whose objectives are to reduce the volume of waste disposal and its impact on their society. The association provides the community with an electric tricycle that separates and collects biowaste to be recycled to fertilizer.

During the project launch Karamo S. Bojang, Tujereng Alikalo said the problem of waste management is becoming too much in The Gambia and that Tujereng is not the only community facing such.

He said people don’t know what to do with their waste materials anymore, adding they throw them in the streets without worrying about the outcome.

“This project is a way to reduce waste in our societies,” he said.

He said the project is new but with efforts and patience, the scheme will succeed.

Bakary K. Sanyang, Governor of West Coast Region said one of the biggest challenges in his region is the control of waste due to the region being one of the biggest in the Gambia.

He said if the villagers of Tujereng can manufacture their manure, it will be a big step not only for Tujereng but for the entire region of the West Coast.

“Let the villagers not underestimate this project because every project starts small,” he said.

Jerreh Ndong of Tujereng Jambandoo said the project is timely and new in the Gambia and that to implement the project effectively, Mbolo association in collaboration with their Spanish counterparts have organized multiple waste management training.

He said the project will improve the economic wellbeing of their community and the outcome of the manure will indeed help the women in their garden.

“It will help them to generate income to feed their families, community and nation.”

The importance of the project, he said, cannot be overemphasized for the fact that it will benefit every person in their community.

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