Monday, December 9, 2019

Tourist Taxi Drivers Raise Concern on the Challenges of The Season


By Nelson Manneh

Tourist Taxi Drivers along Senegambia and other tourist sites have voiced concern on the challenges facing them in this year’s tourist seasons. Among the issues that concern them the most is the inclusive booking system. This according to the drivers is an arrangement where a tourist pays for all the services needed by a visitor including transportation, before departing from their countries for the Gambia. According to the taxi drivers, this has compromised their source of survival because they no more have customers due to the inclusive billing system.

Sheriff Ceesay a Taxi Controller who has been working in the area for the past ten (10) years, says this year’s season is quite challenging for the tourist taxi drivers.

“Now the hotels are dealing with the inclusive Booking System in which the tourists pay all their bills including their movements. When tourists reach their hotels, they are given some orientations regarding the green taxis,” he said. Mr. Ceesay said sometimes these tourists are asked to walk to the high way and take the yellow cabs because they are already told that they are the cheapest.

“The orientation that the Managers give to the guests is not fairs as they always tannish our image before we interact with tourists,” he alleged.

Ceesay said the sector is their only hope of earning a living and they rely on the movement of tourist, saying if the hotels close this avenue of hope, then life will be very difficult for them.

All other speakers who spoke to this reporter gave the same remark regarding Inclusive Booking System.

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