Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Top Ex-Spy Chief, Co-Intelligence Officers Moved


By Mustapha  Jallow

The former Chief of the National Intelligence Agency Yankuba Badjie and seven other senior agents who were remanded by the High Court, have been transferred to confinement cells at the Mile Two Prisons, since September 4 2018, security sources can confirm.

This move came after they were allegedly accused for influencing some of the prisoners to protest. However according to sources, they have denied any wrongdoing or engagement, in such activity.

Sources said there are many remand prisoners held for years without re-appearing in a Court of Law in violation of their Human Rights. According to sources, this resulted for them to lock themselves in with six prison Wardens, in protest.

Sources revealed that the alleged protest was spearheaded by Muhammed Jaw, Ansu Jarju, Ousman Sonko and Bo Badjie, who demanded to meet the Justice Minister, the Director General of Prisons and the Press.

“The main gate keys of the Remand Wing and eleven cell keys were controlled by the alleged ring leaders, preventing the prison Wardens on duty, from going home until their demands were met,’’ sources said.

The following day, according to sources, the former NIA Director General Yankuba Badjie and co accused agents, were immediately moved to confinement cells.

“The prison authorities are suppressing our welfare, regardless of the Court order that remanded us. Some prisoners receive inhumane treatment in the prisons,’’ a serving intelligence agent told this reporter.

“We want the human rights groups and international organisations to come to the prisons for fact finding” sources said.

Sources added that a delegation from the Government in the persons of the National Security Adviser, Solicitor General, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Interior and Minister and the Director General of Prisons, held talks with the remanded protesters, to resolve the matter.

The Prisons Spokesperson Modou Lamin Ceesay, denied the torture allegations but confirmed the transfer of former NIA Chief Badjie and his associates to Confinement cells; that the authorities have acted within the Laws of the prison. “It’s for security reasons. That is why we have to move them before anything bad happens to them and the blame comes back to us,’’ he said.

“As far as security officers are remanded by the Court, we have the rights to take them to confinement or any place in the prisons, for their safety and security,” he said.

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