Saturday, December 14, 2019

Today The Returnees Have Their Say


After weeks of speculation and rumours that the returnees had given ultimatum to the police that they would demonstrate if not granted permit, the state has chosen dialogue instead of confrontation and thus see the right to demonstrate as a right worth protecting in a democratic society.

The returnees should speak with one voice and should discuss amongst themselves until they reach a consensus and then put their demand across in a manner that would be convincing to all those who would accept truth when it is said.

Foroyaa will follow their procession, take note of their concerns and amplify them for all to hear.

Returnees deserve respect for having subjected their lives to danger in order to help their families to develop. The tragedies they undergo, the arrests and detentions they suffer, the imprisonment they go through because of conviction for criminal offence do not define who they are. Every prisoner who serves a sentence must not be seen as a criminal. Once the sentence is served, one should be seen as a rehabilitated person who deserves to lead a normal life in society. No human being deserves to be ostracized. We therefore hope that this is the beginning of frank and sincere dialogue between the state and the returnees.

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