Sunday, January 19, 2020

Three Years Jotna Says Police Dispersed Them on Friday


By Mustapha Jallow

The Chairman of Operation Three Years Jotna on Monday told Foroyaa that they were on Friday asked by the Police to halt their fundraising activity and dispersed from the B O Semega Janneh hall.

Explaining what transpired on Friday, Abdou Njie said while they were holding their fundraising activity at the B O Semega Janneh hall on 3rd January 2020, a pickup truck with Police in uniform came to the area at 3pm, but later left the scene.

“At 6pm the same men in uniform came back and stood at the gate,” he said,

He added: “The police later left the area. At 8 to 9pm, one commissioner Njie from Kairaba Police station came with the same men and asked us to leave the place.”

Njie further explained: “They told us that we have to apply for permit to hold the event because it is a requirement in the Public Order Act, or else we will not hold the event.”

According to him, there was a push and pull between them and the Police. He said when they realized that the situation was about to get tense, they decided to agree and leave.

Reacting to rumours that they were beaten by the Police, he concluded: “We left the place at 11:30. No one was arrested or beaten.”

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