Saturday, February 29, 2020

Three Injured In Kerr Mama


By: Kebba AF Touray

Reports reaching this Foroyaa, indicate that two women and a man, names withheld, from Kerr Mama Village in NBR, have allegedly sustained injury during an alleged clash with the youth of Fass Omar Saho on Friday May 25th 2018. According to the information, the injured women were later discharged after receiving treatment at Essau Hospital.

The incident left the village in shock as the alleged attack has never occurred in the annals of the village, and it happened at a time when majority of the villagers of Kerr Mama, were in the bush clearing the fields, in preparations for the upcoming rainy season

According to the source, the incident began when two horse carts were spotted in the boundary of Kerr Mama Forest, illegally cutting down trees for firewood; that the horse carts were caught and escorted to the village by the youth of Kerr Mama who spotted them and sought for a consolation of D500 for each for donkey carts by the VDC; that during a long negotiation, some youth from Kerr Mama were alleged to have been beaten by the youth of Fass Omar Saho Village, on allegations that the owners of the horse carts were being maltreated in the hands of villagers of Kerr Mama.

The people of Kerr Mama according to the information, did so with the intent of protecting and controlling the use of their forest resources and demand that whoever is willing to fetch firewood therein, should do so in consultation with their VDC. This action was prompted by the indiscriminate exploitation of the forest for commercial firewood.

The case is currently at the Police Barra and reports have it that the alleged attackers have been arrested and detained at the Barra Police Station.

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