Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The New Gambia Call For Debates Among Leaders To Enlighten The People On The Way Forward


The use of GRTS and any other state media by any leader to condemn another political leader, is bad practice in leadership. What we need is leaders challenging each other’s principles, policies and programmes on how to make our nation better. Sovereign citizens who deserve answers to their problems should also take part in analysing the different views expressed to know what serves the National interest. This is what prevents them from being robots who express hate messages against others, without any legitimate justification. We therefore hope that the Press release from the State House will open up a debate between the person who authorise the Press Release and Halifa Sallah when he returns on the 25th October, so that People would know what he said in London directly from him, on regime change and system change and then hear the views of State House. This will enable people to make a fair judgment. This is the new Gambia that the Gambian people deserve and the Director General of GRTS should help nurture such a Gambia, if he wants decency to remain within our Community of political leaders.


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