Friday, October 18, 2019

The New Gambia And Party Politics


Since the victory of the Coalition 2016 party politics has largely been overshadowed by coalition issues. It is time for political parties to move on and put their programmes before the people on how they intend to eradicate the poverty of the people and enhance prosperity in larger liberties.

The Gambian people need closure. The aim was to give Gambia a new start. Since that new start is elusive, each party needs to go back to the drawing board and decide what they have to offer the Gambian people.

Foroyaa has opened up a page for political debate. We hope those who have something to say to guide the destiny of the nation will rely on such a page to share one’s thoughts. We hope those who seek to guide the destiny of the nation will not engage in empty wrangling that teach no lessons and give no guidance on how Gambians should pursue truth in order to make informed choice.

The battle of ideas has begun. All should stand and be counted. No one should be left behind.

Should campaign continue for a five year term after the vice president said the president will serve a five year term?

Demonstration is meant to make a point. When a point is as clear as noon day only those who wish to engage in futile exercise will continue with such demonstration.

It was President Barrow who signed an agreement to limit his term to three years even though the Constitution provides for a term of five years in order to make a coalition agreement possible. It was left to him to either honour the coalition agreement or choose to dishonour it.

It is already said on his behalf that he and his cabinet support a five year term. Why should any demonstration be held to promote a five year term when he has already decided to serve a five year term? We hope Gambians must begin to put reason before passion.

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