The immunities given to elected representatives are not absolute. They are not also meant to put them above the law. They are meant to protect the national interest. If the President is busy in the Court defending himself or herself, the work of the executive would be delayed. If the majority of National Assembly members are in court who will make the laws of the land?

This is why immunities are given and restricted in such a way that Presidents could be impeached and self-regulatory rules are created for parliaments to set aside immunities of Parliamentarians so that they would face the law when necessary.

Of course, some people have been calling for impeachment. Such simplistic recommendations should be avoided. A Parliament or a National Assembly does not just proceed to vote to impeach presidents.  The Judiciary is required to do an inquiry to inform the Parliament or National Assembly whether there are grounds for impeachment before it is put into effect.

All elected authorities and the Judiciary should put law conscience and the national interest at the forefront of their conduct in rendering public service.

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