Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Government And The Returnees: Confrontation Or Dialogue


The media campaign launched by the Gambia Refugee Association – Europe branch, linking media houses, parliamentarians, ministers and other concerned Gambians to websites reporting the deportation policy of a state in Germany has compelled the Gambian Nation to take a fresh look at the returnee challenges so that it could be contained, reversed or managed.

This problem is a transnational one. Hence it requires a transnational approach to handle it. The returnee problem has to be handled from the point of origin, transit and destination. Conclusion should not be drawn before proper investigation is made at the point of origin, transit and destination.

First and foremost, tolerance is needed in addressing the issue. Divergent views are bound to exist. Those who seek political mandate would have diverse suggestions on how the problem should be addressed. Government should listen to all views and acknowledge those ones that would help it to address the problem. There is no need to call those who hold different views detractors. The problem is real. Those who are affected should be listened to and given wise counsel on how not to increase their problem.

Only those who can come together to articulate their concerns in a manner that all genuine and rational human beings could appreciate, would earn the respect that it deserves and influence policy initiatives and directives.

Foroyaa remains committed to publishing the truth in good faith in the public interest. Hence it will continue to cover and bring to the notice of all the grievances and concerns of the returnees and those who are still waiting for their fate in foreign land.

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