Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Demand For Certainty


Where are we heading? How are we to get there? That is the question every sovereign citizen should ask himself or herself.

When you own something you do not surrender it against your will. No matter how difficult, one should examine what went wrong and how to right it.

A republic must have an executive, a legislature and a judiciary. All the institutions of the republic are now being tested whether they are fit for purpose. Those who are put in charge of the destiny of the people should not be complacent or insensitive to their concerns. One must listen to those concerns on a daily basis and weigh whether one’s actions are suitable to solving the problems confronting them. One can go wrong only if one fails to heed to the calls of the people. Those who manage the institutions of the state must not be satisfied with what their personal minds drive them to think in a given way. They must have a public mind that takes into consideration the needs and aspirations of the people. When leaders have such a mind they hardly go wrong. When they depend on their own minds idiosyncrasies and interests will determine how public institutions are managed.

This is the route that no leader who wants to leave a legacy should take. Which route Gambia?

All sovereign citizens who care about the nation are demanding for certainty in addressing such a question.

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