Wednesday, November 13, 2019

THE COURT MARTIAL AT: State to Provide Generals Legal Representation


By Nelson Manneh

The General Court-Martial presiding over the criminal trial of Generals Oumpa Mendy and Ansumana Tamba, has ordered the State to provide them with legal representation through National Legal Aid Agency.

On Thursday the 26th of April 2018 when the case was called before Judge Advocate Justice Aminata Saho-Ceesay, the accused persons were present, whilst the State was represented by the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DDPP), M.B Abubakarr, and Captain Suwaibou Jammeh announced his presence for the Defence team. The court reminded the accused persons that they should be in uniform because they were not discharged from the Army.

The Defence Officer Captain Suwaibou Jammeh, said he did not advise the accused persons not to be in uniform; that the two accused persons are charged with two crimes and the penalties for these can lead to life imprisonment if they are found guilty; that therefore he deems it necessary as far as the rights of the accused persons are concerned, that they have legal representation.

State representative Lawyer M.B Abubakarr suggested that if the accused persons cannot afford to have legal representation, they can be provided with a Lawyer by the Court.

The Defending Officer applied to the Court to provide Legal Aid to the accused persons as their charges may lead to life imprisonment if they are found guilty.

Lawyer M.B Abubakarr advised the Court Clerk and the Defence Lawyer, to facilitate the process without wasting time.

Justice Aminata Saho Ceesay said the accused persons will be provided with Legal representation.

The matter was adjourned till the 2nd and 3rd May 2018, for hearing.

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