Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Commonwealth Sends A Fact Finding Mission


As The Gambia prepares for Commonwealth membership, the Commonwealth Secretariat has sent members of its directorate to speak to stakeholders in The Gambia on the major challenges facing the country as it transits from self-perpetuating rule to a genuine multi-party system. This is further evidence of the need for political parties in particular and the population at large to see Barrow’s administration as a transitional administration which should give primacy to constitutional and institutional reforms in order to give The Gambia a new start.

The peaceful transfer of executive power if properly handled could lead to a level ground for multi-party contest and promote the sovereign equality of all Gambians under the law, thus enhancing national unity, liberty and prosperity of her citizenry. The whole world is engaging the country again and as they speak to the different stakeholders they should read from all the desire never again to have a government that would rule with impunity or aims to perpetuate itself in office.

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